Social Media Management And Publishing

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Social Content Management

What is

Designed with brands and agencies in mind, SociaLiner is a
social media management and publishing tool that safeguards credentials,
eliminates errors, and streamlines your process from
content creation to publishing and beyond.

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Key Features

Social Account

Managing multiple accounts can be a headache. That’s why SociaLiner securely stores all of your client’s social accounts in one place. Seamlessly onboard new employees and team members, so you spend less time searching for passwords and more time making great creative


Simplify your social media workflow. SociaLiner lets you to define custom approval steps based on your needs. You can assign users to each step, so you can be sure content is never published without the necessary approvals.

Schedule Effortlessly

Publishing made easier with SociaLiner's scheduling feature. Easily schedule the content to get published and SociaLiner will publish them on time after the content got the final approval. If the content was not approved on time, SociaLiner will wait until the content gets approved, then will publish it.


SociaLiner’s asset hub makes transfering media files between creatives a piece of cake. Folders keep assets organized and categorized as they go through the approval process, while keeping track of the revision history.

User Management

SociaLiner not only lets you define and assign custom roles within your team, you can invite clients to engage directly in the platform to leave their feedback. You control who can view, edit, or comment on every piece of content.


Clients play a big role in SociaLiner Platform. By giving them transparency on their social content, SociaLine gives your clients peace of mind and builds their trust.


Managing your social Campaigns are made easier with SociaLiner built-in campaign management tools. You can create campaigns, use the brainstorming room to share ideas with your team members, assign tasks to users and track the progress.

Social Feed
And Comments

With SociaLiner you can manage your client's social content and moderate comments in one place. See the social feed and comments from your client's social media channels.


SociaLiner has multiple ways of communications, either between your team at the agency or your team and the client. Comments and feedback, content suggestions, content comparison and conversations are some of the ways you can communicate in SociaLiner.

Version Control

One of the greatest features of the SociaLiner, helps your agency to be on top of the updates on the social content. By keeping all the different versions of the content, SociaLiner gives your agency the power to revert any changes or compare different virsion.

The Flow

The Process



Agency art directors, copywriters and social media managers upload content in SociaLiner and assign them for review by a creative director or client.

Create Social Content


Creative directors and clients can review the content and immediately leave their comments – no need to send feedback via email or Slack.

Review Social Content


SociaLiner keeps track of all your revisions, even deleted content, so agency admins can review them at any time before or after the content is published.

Edit Social Content


Updated creative is sent for review, where agency and client users approve the content. When they do, a notification is sent to the user responsible for publishing.

Approve Social Content


Once approved, the content is locked. This prevents errors or mix-ups, guaranteeing the approved version is the one that actually gets published.

Lock Social Content


Finally, the user with publishing permissions posts or schedules the approved social content to the client’s social media accounts.

Publish Social Content