Instagram / Zapier Integration

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How to directly publish to Instagram from SociaLiner using Zapier

Learn how you can directly post on your Instagram Business account with SociaLiner and Zapier Integration through a ZAP. This integration will allow you to publish single-image posts and link posts directly.

Here is what you need to have before you start:

  • Zapier Account - If you don't have one, create yours here.
  • Instagram Business Account - To convert your Instagram account to business account, connect it to your facebook page. Here is how to do that.

Note: You should be an owner/admin of the Facebook Page which is linked to the Instagram Business Profile to enable direct publishing through this method.

Let's Get Started

  • Login to your Zappier account.
  • Create a zap:
    Create a zap
  • Select Webhooks By Zapier:
    select webhook by zapier
  • Choose Catch Hook:
    choose catch hook
  • Copy Webhook URL into your clipboard:
    copy webhook url from Zapier
  • Paste the URL into Zapier URL field and click Send Test:
    paste webhook url to SociaLiner
  • Click Test trigger:
    click test trigger
  • Check the incoming data and click Continue:
    check the incoming data
  • Now, for the second part, select Instagram For Business:
    select Instagram for business
  • Select Publish Photo and click Continue:
    select publish photo
  • Click Search & Select to choose the Instagram account:
    click search and select
  • Click on Photo, Caption and Location and map the fields to the data and click Continue:
    map the fields
    click continue
  • Click on Skip Test:
    skip test
  • Click on Done Editing:
    click done editing
  • You are all done. Now you can create a post and publish it to your Instagram business account directly from SociaLiner.